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Printed Cotton 2Pcs-3254- Noorangi – Cotton
Tasneem Fabrics

Printed Cotton 2Pcs-3254- Noorangi – Cotton


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Printed Cotton 2Pcs-3254- Noorangi – Cotton

It seems like you’re describing a textile product, perhaps a fabric set. Here’s a summary:

  • Collection Description: You’re presenting a collection featuring delicate floral and geometrical patterns. It sounds visually appealing and suggests a variety of designs within the collection.
  • Type: It’s described as a “two-piece,” indicating that it consists of two separate pieces of fabric.
  • Specification:
    • Unstitched Fabric Cutting: The fabric is provided in an unstitched form, meaning it’s not yet sewn into any specific garment. This gives the buyer the flexibility to use the fabric for various purposes.
    • Quantity: The total length of the fabric is specified as 5 meters. This provides an idea of the amount of fabric available for each piece within the collection.

Overall, it seems like a versatile fabric collection offering both floral and geometrical patterns, allowing for creativity in crafting various textile items.

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Printed Cotton 2Pcs-3254- Noorangi – Cotton

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